Are you looking for a route planning system perfectly tailored to your needs?
Are you planning on introducing a graphical dispatch application with integrated telematics functions and/or are you looking for an easy and effective way to calculate freight costs?
You’ve found what you’re looking for with Zebraxx4Dispo.

In no time at all, your dispatchers can plan your routes quickly and easily using ZEBRAXX4Dispo. The planned route is then instantly available on global maps. You have an overview at all times of key information, including loading and unloading times. You can also schedule complex routes, combination shipments, partial and complete loads both simply and effectively right in your normal web browser.

With the optional telematics functions, e.g. ZEBRAXX4Mobile, you always have all of the relevant vehicle data at your fingertips and you can track progress along the current route. Communicating with the vehicle is just as quick and easy as it is to access standstill times and driving time and downtime. The necessary freight documents, including transport orders and/or route overviews, can also be printed online in Excel format.

Your dispatcher can also schedule routes or allocate transport orders to your sub-contractors with just a single click of the mouse. Your sub-contractors confirm their status using our optional Carrier Portal or the Zebraxx4Voice module.

The integrated function for calculating freight costs makes invoicing particularly easy for your dispatchers.

Track & Trace per Web interface module makes it possible to integrate everyone involved in the process into the ZEBRAXX system, including your customers.

The experts at ZEBRAXX AG ensure that this module can be completely integrated into your logistical processes. There is no charge for us to implement ZEBRAXX4Dispo in your company nor are there any investment costs. The use of ZEBRAXX4Dispo is also free of charge for existing customers. ZEBRAXX4Dispo enhances the efficiency of your dispatch team and considerably eases your planning workload. You’ll be won over by our software with its intuitive operation which gives you the ability to respond quickly to changes in orders and increases transparency for everyone involved in the process because it documents all events in real-time.