Driving times and Downtime

Do you get a headache just thinking about compliance with legal requirements for driving times, downtime and standby times? Do you need the current values in a timely fashion and without a lot of effort? Excessive driving times? Downtime non-compliance? Not with us!

We are also happy to support you in this area. Your drivers record their time either via ZEBRAXX4Voice, ZEBRAXX4Java or ZEBRAXX4Mobile. Regardless of which solution you choose: for your drivers, data entry is easy and happens in just a few seconds.

The exact entry of the start and stop of work supplies you with the data you need for payroll. Manually filled out timesheets are thus a thing of the past.

Your drivers also enter driving times, downtime and standby times. Access to the time accounts is just a couple of mouse clicks away on the internet. You can see at a glance which drivers still have leftover driving time in the current calendar week.

This data, of course, is available for download in Excel format or for integration in your payroll software in CSV or XML format.