Driver Communication

A bidirectional tool of ZEBRAXX Track´n Trace to communicate quickly and efficiently with your drivers when necessary and store the messages in a central location.

Your driver is stuck in traffic, is waiting at customs or his truck broke down. With the ZEBRAXX driver communication, he just sends a message to the ZEBRAXX database via SMS, JAVA mobile phone, Gotive H.42 or PDA.

The message is immediately stored in a central location here and can be accessed by all process participants with the appropriate access rights. Your dispatchers can view these messages sorted by driver or vehicle and easily respond via a web mask. The response is then sent to the driver’s end unit.

You can communicate in both directions easily, efficiently and without spending a lot of time regardless of the end units. The messages and the agreements made are stored centrally in the ZEBRAXX database, along with the date and time. Suppliers and subcontractors are easy to integrate.