Emergency-Service via email, fax and web

Your goods have to arrive at the customer on the dot? Do you want to be informed early on if there are problems meeting the scheduled deliveries? Do you want to offer your customers proactive solutions?

Then get the information you need – from the ZEBRAXX Emergency Service tool – via e-mail, fax or on the web. You can decide to use this service only for specific, very important shipments or to proactively get information for all transport shipments

Another early warning system is integrated into the ZEBRAXX internet: you can see all late deliveries with the click of the mouse.
If you are using the ZEBRAXX telematics solution, the Emergency Service monitors, e.g. the temperatures in the trailer in real-time, the predefined driving routes and your estimated loading and unloading times. If, for example, schedule overruns are unavoidable due to the current vehicle position, you receive immediate notification.

Customers calling you to report a shipment delay are a thing of the past. From now on, you are in the driver’s seat.