Use the modular ZEBRAXX System to meet your needs. And only pay for what you actually use.

When developing the system and setting our prices, we were keenly aware that a professional shipment tracking system has to be affordable for companies of all sizes. The result: "Track´n Trace from S to XXL".
ZEBRAXX is thus geared to both smaller companies as well as large international corporations.

We chose a pricing model that distinguishes between base fees and transactions. We have a starter package for infrequent users with a low base fee and higher transaction costs – relatively speaking –and a professional package for users with a high shipment volume that has a higher base fee but much lower transaction costs.

Several modules within the ZEBRAXX Systems are available to you free of charge as a customer. For example, our complaint management tool. When necessary, you can store and process complaints for free in the Zebraxx System for every shipment.

Our fair prices have stayed constant over the last two years even though we are continuously enhancing the ZEBRAXX System with new and innovative functions.

Are you interested in our solutions and would you like a concrete offer? We would be happy to provide you with one: Contact us!