Track´n Trace via Web-Interface

The internet plays the central role in the ZEBRAXX System. Here, you, your customers and your partners will see all shipment information and the entire transport process from start to finish. An easy-to-use administration function makes it possible to issue individual user access rights. Statuses can be quickly and easily set from any PC with web access via the internet.

The internet, on the one hand, serves as an input medium for entering your shipments and the related information. On the other hand, you, your employees, your suppliers/subcontractors as well as your customers can monitor the shipment of the goods, identify discrepancies and create analyses. It is completely up to you to decide who gets access to your new internet shipment tracking system and what rights they have.

The advantages of a web-based shipment tracking system are clearly evident: because all information is stored centrally in the ZEBRAXX System, everyone involved, no matter where they are, can monitor transport or enter more information in real-time, 24 hours a day. You don’t need any special software or hardware.

You see all your shipments and the corresponding information at a glance along with the respective transport history, delivery dates, schedule overruns, alerts, discrepancies, etc.

Offer your customers an internet-based shipment tracking system with the introduction of the ZEBRAXX System. From this point on, your customer has a complete overview of his goods. You can set up and configure your customer on your own in the system. If you have questions, our competent hotline is available to help you.

Give your transport service providers an overview of the shipments to be transported and let them be involved in improving logistics performance and quality.