Founded in 1999, ZEBRAXX AG Europe specialises in logistics solutions such as shipment tracking, positioning and telematics. Customers take advantage of the flexibility the patented ZEBRAXX System offers to save time and money. Quality, performance and customer satisfaction are paramount to this modularly structured logistics solution.

As an ASP [application service provider], the quality of our services is our top priority. This applies in equal measure to the quality of the software we develop and the operation of our systems in data processing centres.

Our software developers are continuously working to further develop the ZEBRAXX system and adapt it to new market forces. In the last few years, we have worked together with our customers to continuously enhance the ZEBRAXX System. We would like to extend our thanks here to everyone who gave us ideas and to all of our customers.

Give the patented ZEBRAXX System a try to see if it suits your needs. Just use the modules you need - we’ll tailor them to your individual logistics processes. You’ll be surprised at the many possibilities the ZEBRAXX System offers and how cost-effective such a sophisticated system can be.

We would be happy to be your partner for logistics solutions.
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