Track´n Trace via Interface

Transfer the status and shipment information automatically between your dispatch software and the ZEBRAXX System. Consolidate and complete your logistics data together with your suppliers and at the same time offer your customers the added value of a real-time shipment tracking system.

Do you already have a dispatch software application and don’t want to leave your familiar working environment? Not a problem: enter the shipment as usual in your dispatch software. The information is sent to the ZEBRAXX with the click of a button – quickly and effectively without duplicate entries.

The suppliers you work with can transmit statuses for your shipments via interface.

You can also import the statuses entered by your drivers via mobile phone into your software. You always have updated shipment information on your screen – and so do your customers on the internet.

The communication between your software and the ZEBRAXX database necessary to achieve this takes place via appropriate interfaces. Over the last few years, these interfaces have been made compatible with a number of different software programs. If your software is not yet one of them, our development team would be happy to create your customised interface to the ZEBRAXX System. Interfaces have already been created, e.g. for Fortras BORD128, STAT128, IFTMIN, IFTSTA, CSV, XML.

Interfaces, for example, have already been created to ERP systems such as SAP (via IDoc) and Navision /Sage (via CSV, XML and IFTMIN) and routing systems, in particular via LisTrac to Winsped/LIS AG and via inTOUCH XML interface to Carlo/Soloplan GmbH.

Data is exchanged via our highly available FTP, SSH or SFTP servers on the Internet. Of course, also via AS2-EDIINT, OFTP or Telebox X.400.