Do you want your own drivers and subcontractors to be able to enter shipment statuses, ideally in real-time without having to have special hardware? There’s no time like the present: with the ZEBRAXX Status Entry via mobile phone.

Do you need to-the-minute transparency in your logistics chain? Do you have a lot of subcontractors and do you want to centralise shipment confirmation? Or is it a problem for end customers to enter the delivery status in a timely fashion?

ZEBRAXX would be happy to support you: you already have everything your drivers need: a commercially available mobile phone.

In just a matter of seconds, the status of your shipments can be transmitted in several languages to the ZEBRAXX database, stored centrally and analysed via the ZEBRAXX voice system. The statuses are easily and immediately accessible by you and your customers on the web. The entered statuses can also be transferred to your logistics software. This is particularly useful if you are working with several partners. ZEBRAXX bundles and categorises the confirmations and makes them available to you in line with your needs.