Service Level Management

Do you work with suppliers or subcontractors? Would you like to be able to, on a daily basis, identify and analyse, both in individual cases and in a comparison, dependencies and delivery problems clearly and in a way that lets you track conformance to delivery specifications?

No problem. With the Service Level Management tool in the ZEBRAXX System, you can, broken down by supplier or subcontractor, see target achievement rates on a daily basis. With this tool, you have an overview of how many shipments have been transported and how many have been delivered in conformance with specifications.

It also lets you see how many had problems and which ones. And which service suppliers these problems occurred with and how often. You see at a glance whether your supplier confirms all shipments and how often he overruns the delivery date. On this basis, you get a lot of useful information about the service level provided by your suppliers.

Many of our customers have developed a merit-rating system for their service providers on the basis of our Service Level Management tool. Ultimately to improve their own quality, enhance performance and increase customer satisfaction.