Complaint Management

One of the key factors that determines the success of a high-quality logistics service is a structured and reliable way to process and track customer complaints – not a problem with ZEBRAXX.

Complaints have to be taken seriously and documented and, above all, they need to be addressed.

The Complaint Management tool – developed especially for loaders – makes it possible, in the event of a complaint, to centrally enter the reasons for the complaint, the action taken and what agreements have been made. It also facilitates communication with your transport suppliers. With just a click of the mouse, you can document and initiate shipments or recalls to your central warehouse.

It doesn’t matter whether the complaints originate from your external staff, your customers or your transport suppliers: when entered in the ZEBRAXX System, this information is centralised and the whereabouts of the goods transparent to everyone. You can document additional deliveries, recalls or the loss of goods, giving you transparency over the complete transaction on the internet, even after many weeks and independently of hand-written notes.

The optional Complaint Management module can easily be integrated into your shipment tracking module.