Order entry

Are your customers still sending you transport orders by mail, e-mail or fax? Does it take too much time and effort to manually enter orders? Use the easy, internet-based ZEBRAXX Order Entry tool and free up time for your employees to focus on more important things.

The ZEBRAXX Internet Order Entry tool is a cost-effective system for optimising your logistics processes.

Your customers enter the transport orders to be allocated online in the ZEBRAXX System with just a few clicks of the mouse. After the customer has approved the order, your dispatch receives an optional notification via e-mail. If you want, the order details can also be checked a second time and the order then rejected or accepted online.

Your customer is now notified of this via e-mail. Then, the order is transmitted by ZEBRAXX to your software system in just a few short minutes and is available there for further processing.

Of course, recurring orders can be stored as templates. A new order can be set up in the system with just a few clicks of the mouse. Because your product and customer pool data has been integrated into the ZEBRAXX Order Entry tool, all relevant information is already correctly pre-processed in your ERP or dispatch software. The necessary documents – such as, for example, information about loading and unloading – can be transmitted easily via the internet.

All possible order combinations are covered through the entry of all of the necessary data, in particular, all address and contact data for the customer, the party paying for transport, sender, recipient and alternative loading and unloading addresses. Text messages regarding loading and unloading make it easier for your drivers to handle the orders. The goods to be transported can be optionally entered at product level. Finally, this tool makes it possible to select the necessary vehicle type and enter time slots for loading and unloading.

Complete integration in your shipment tracking system means that your customers have real-time access to all status information about the orders that have been allocated. With just one click of the mouse…