Standstill Analysis

Are you constantly discussing the issue of “standstill times” with your customers – and usually without any results – because you are lacking meaningful, authoritative and transparent data? Are you interested in an analysis of the standstill times of your vehicles to continuously improve the utilisation capacity of your vehicles?

We would be happy to help you in this area. Use the ZEBRAXX Standstill Analysis tool to satisfy your requirements with to-the-minute data for arrival and departure times and optimise your logistics processes together with your customers. If you choose one of the ZEBRAXX telematics modules, the ZEBRAXX System converts the recorded geo-coordinates of your vehicles to address data – in many cases to an exact house number!

The standstill times are calculated in turn on the basis of the arrival and departure times that are recorded on an ongoing basis.
You can analyse these standstill times at any point in time. It goes without saying that you also have the possibility to systematically filter by address, time slot and vehicle. This tool considerably facilitates, and, in many cases, even makes it possible, to calculate the standstill times. When you talk to your customers in the future, you have the data you need to work together to improve processes and hence considerably enhance the efficiency of your vehicle fleet.