Damage Management

Optimise damage management processing by implementing the ZEBRAXX Damage Management tool. Damage notifications are immediately available to you electronically because your storage and transport suppliers enter detailed information about all damages in a central location. Avoid duplicate data entries and eliminate manual damage notifications via e-mail or fax.

The ZEBRAXX Damage Management tool is a centralised tool to optimise damage processing for everyone involved in the process. Detailed damage descriptions, the possibility of integrating digital photos and entering damages at product level – of course, making use of your product pool – give you an ideal way to process damages. It is also no problem at all to transmit damage notification data to your logistics software.

Because this module is completely integrated into the ZEBRAXX System, user access to status information for the respective shipment or POD is just a mouse click away. This makes settling damages much more efficient with the insurance companies involved or the parties who caused the damage