Do you want to analyse your digital tachograph’s data in real-time and thus optimise your dispatch? Do you want to analyse technical vehicle data and optimise the shifting and braking behaviour of your drivers? It’s no problem with ZEBRAXX4Tacho/FMS.

The six European manufacturers Daimler, MAN, Scania, Volvo, DAF Trucks and IVECO provide relevant technical data via the standardised FMS interface. With our product, ZEBRAXX4Tacho/FMS, you now also have various information available to you online in the ZEBRAXX system in real-time. Via the FMS interface, you can, among other things, analyse your fuel consumption and the driving and braking behaviour of your drivers right from your desk using the ZEBRAXX internet portal. The driving behaviour of your drivers is evaluated based on a point system so that this module can be used both easily and efficiently.
ZEBRAXX4Tacho/FMS also offers an interface to the digital tachograph (DTCO). The driving times and downtime of your drivers are available to your dispatch in real-time. This guarantees that you can continuously monitor any overruns.

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