Status entry using a JAVA mobile phone: your drivers can see the respective route data on their mobile phone display and can easily add the pickup and delivery times along with other status information, all in many European languages.

If your drivers have a JAVA-supported mobile phone, you can select between two options for entering data in the ZEBRAXX shipment tracking module:

in the standard version, your drivers or the drivers of your subcontractors have the following functions available: “Status entry”, “Entry of the name of the goods recipient” and “Entry of an additional info text”.

With the deluxe version, the complete loading and unloading addresses for the respective delivery day are loaded to your driver’s JAVA mobile phone. The driver can quickly and easily enter the current status information for the respective shipments. The status entry is thus more efficient and, thanks to GPRS, even more cost-effective. The status notifications are transmitted via GPRS to the ZEBRAXX server in real-time and are available to everyone involved in the process quickly and easily.

If your drivers have a current JAVA mobile phone with GPS, you can also use the cost-effective ZEBRAXX4Java navigation tool. Of course, then the GPS positions of your vehicles are also continuously stored in the ZEBRAXX System.

Integration of the JAVA solution into the ZEBRAXX driver communication also allows you to exchange messages with your drivers via GPRS in an affordable way.